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About Us

the story of Careers4Kids
We originally had the idea of starting a podcast in November of 2022. Specifically a careers podcast. That idea became a reality in March of 2023. We decided to go through with that idea. We had decided that we shouId create a website, as the home of Careers4Kids. We spent hours at a time working to create this website. Four days later, on April 16th, this website was published to the internet. Only five days later, we recorded and uploaded episode one. This was it. We had officially begun. For 3 days, we planned our next episode and added some touches to the website. Everything was going well, on the evening on April 24th, our next guest was available. That night, we interviewed, edited, and uploaded our second episode. Everything was going great! Throughout the month of May, we decided to get ahead and become prepared for more episodes. We spent that entire month planning and smoothing out all of the kinks. Later in the month, we worked on adding our podcast to many different platforms. Before we had done that, we were only on three different platforms. Our website, YouTube, and RSS. We decided that if we wanted this to actually get to some kids, we would have to add our podcast to some other places. We ended up spreading our podcast to over ten more different platforms. By the end, our podcast was on around fifteen platforms. After that, we started planning with our next guest. Originally, that episode was supposed to release on June 3rd. After that, we kept on planning with the guest, and on June 8th, we recorded our third episode. We were proud, but also disappointed that we had not released any episodes in the month of May, but that was the past now. Eleven days later, we find ourselves recording our fourth episode with the Congressman of Connecticut! We were amazed that he had even responded to our original email. After interviewing the congressman, on June 27th, we interviewed newscaster Ben Nandy. A week after the episode was made, Maxwell went to the other side of the globe. Making it very hard to post episodes with a 12 hour time difference. But over the few weeks we were able to interview a Banker, A President of Citibank, and also a Entrepreneur. After that Maxwell returned home and we were able to continue working a lot again. We met a Mayor who we interviewed in person and it was so cool.  We then proceeded to interview a wellness coach. Season one was finally over! We then worked on planning the new season. Interviewing an AI Engineer to kick it off! We really enjoyed and learned more about technology and AI. After that we interviewed a social media marketer. We hope you have enjoyed our podcast so far, and we plan to keep on growing. Thanks to everyone that has listened to our podcast or supported us in any way. We are extremely thankful for your support! 
(Last updated 3/25/24)


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